Best Italian Agriturismi

Agriturismo is the Italian word combining ‘agriculture’ and ‘tourism’ used to describe the farm stays, the quintessential Italian tourism experience.
Born in the early ’80s, these types of accommodations are generally renovated old farm buildings with restaurants where you can taste typical local food and wine (often prepared from raw materials produced on the farm).
Some agriturismi have farms and vineyards and allow the guests to interact in activities such as winemaking, feeding animals and horseback riding.

Although born as rustic and rural lodging, lots of these accommodations are nowadays converted in luxury stays featuring amenities like spa and swimming pools, and some of their restaurants are run by multi-starred chefs.

In this map, you can choose among more than 400 resorts thoroughly selected from the best booking websites and their guest’s reviews.
Best Italian Agriturismi