Discover Dubai: Best Places to Visit During Your Leisure

Dubai is a city that is a perfect combination of the old and the new, and thus it has a lot of things that a tourist can do. From the tall skyscrapers that reach the sky to the calm deserts that tell the stories of the old times, Dubai is a place that always manages to attract attention.

No matter if you are looking for exciting adventures, or you want to take a drive to an island you can rent a boat from one of the boat cruises Dubai to experience the beauty of a good holiday in Dubai. This article will highlight the best places you can visit while discovering Dubai.

Best Places to Visit During Your Leisure

Burj Khalifa 

The tallest structure in the world is the Burj Khalifa. It’s a skyscraper that stands over 2,700 feet and 163 floors high.  

The structure contains many open-air viewing decks and luxurious lounges. You’ll get magnificent views of the UAE and Persian Gulf from these lounges and decks. Levels 38 and 39 have hotels on them and the top lounge is on level 154. Or you can experience its majesty from the water on a luxurious rented yacht and get stunning photos as well. 

Desert Safari

One of the best places you definitely want to go see is the Desert Safari. Yes. Still in Dubai. The trip starts with a driver of 4*4 cars. It will take you to a standard stop from your pick-up point. Guests can go desert camping with a mouth-watering Arabian dinner and traditional performers like belly dancers. During the day at the safari, you should know that you are in for a great adventure since you can try Dune Bashing, sandboarding, quad biking, camel rides and so on.

Miracle Garden

Think of all the eye-pleasing adjectives to describe nature and you have the Dubai Miracle Garden. It is a stunning, globally famous botanical garden in the Dubailand district of Dubai. 

This magnificent beauty of distinct floral arrangements, creative landscaping and beautiful flower display is open only from October to April every year.

Dubai Frame

If you want to take selfies in a very big frame, then check out The Dubai Frame. It is known as the world’s largest frame structure and was inspired by the logo of the World Expo 2020. It is located in Zabeel Park. Its main features are the audiovisual representations of pictures and the projections from the city’s birth to the future scape and the walkway on the glass bridge.

The Museum of the Future

As the name suggests it tries to incorporate technology and traditional art. It is located in the Financial District of Dubai. The Museum of the future is further divided into 3 zones which are, The Green Hill, the building, and the Void. Through the gathering of researchers, ecologists, financers and environmentalists, the museum is trying to find the solutions to the probable problems that cities might face in the future.

Palm Jumeirah

Your visit to Dubai is not complete if you’ve not seen Palm Jumeirah. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Dubai. It is an artificial island modelled like a palm tree. It has a central trunk, a crown of 16 fronds, and a crescent that encompasses the outer edge. What consists of the fronds and crescent of Palm Jumeirah are luxurious villas, apartments, high-end hotels, world-class dining, and exciting entertainment options like Atlantis the Palm, Aquaventure Waterpark, and the Lost Chambers Aquarium. Combine it with an opulent boat cruise and you will get a lifetime experience. 

The Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates in Al Barsha, West Dubai is the world’s first shopping resort. You can call it the “World’s Best New Shopping Mall.” Exciting news: you don’t have to worry about family outings in this mall! It’s got a family leisure centre with an indoor ski resort and Snow Park. That’s the first of its kind in the Middle East.

So, whether you opt for relaxing water entertainment on a cruise or get bewildered by fascinating architecture and modern art, Dubai needs to be on your list when you are planning a new holiday destination. 

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