Dongchuan Red Land, China

Dongchuan Red Land
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The Dongchuan Red Land is located in Huashitou Country, Dongchuan District, Yunnan Province, China at 1.800 – 2.500 meters high.

It is a stunning natural landscape characterized by an unusual red-colored soil formed by oxidated iron elements deposited after centuries due to the humid and warm climate conditions.

During the year, the terraces used for cultivation (potatoes, rapeseed, wheat, barley, rape…) form artistic compositions similar to a painted picture.

The most suitable time for red soil photography is during spring and autumn, when most of the cultivations are in bloom.
The local people say that the perfect time for taking pictures is after the rain, when the wet sunlit land becomes more colorful.
There are many buses to get to Dongchuan from Kunming, which usually takes about 4-5 hours.
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