Tourist map of MEXICO

Interactive travel and tourist map of Mexico: click on icons and writings on the map to open web links.

No wonder why this colourful, huge country is one of the most visited in the world.. Anybody can find the perfect holiday here: whether you want to relax on the Yucatan’s beaches and the turquoise water of the Bacalar Lagoon, or if you prefer to explore jungles, ruins (there are more than 200 pre-Columbian sites), deserts, canyons and volcanoes in a perfect Henry Jones Jr. style adventure, Mexico has attractions, colours and music for everyone. Be ready to meet the great white shark in Guadalupe, blue whales in the spectacular Baja California and take a ride on one of the most incredible scenic trains in the world: El Chepe.

Population: 126.014.025
Area: 1.972.550
Official Language: Spanish
Currency: Mexican Peso
Drivers Lane: Right
When to go: November to August (Yucatan), February to November (Oaxaca), November to May (Pacific Coast), January to December (Baja California), March to October (Mexico City)

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Tourist map of Mexico
Tourist map of Mexico

Discover Mexico’s best tourist attractions and top sights through our map! Which are the best places to visit in Mexico and the best things to do in Mexico? Simply click on the map’s links to be quickly redirected to images and useful websites for accommodation, activities, transport and much more about Mexico travel.

photo © Rey Perezoso/ Flickr (Guanajuato)