interactive tourist map of SOUTHERN FRANCE


A beautiful coastline enclosed between the rugged Pyrenees and the French Alps: here you can find white beaches, islands and some of the best ski areas in Europe.

The Dordogne’s castles, the dunes of the Atlantic coast, Europe’s best surf spots of the Basque Country, the volcanoes and the gorges of the Massif Central and the Corsica island, a kind of France in miniature with its gorges, mountains, beaches and wonderful villages, make this part of the country one of the most heterogeneous areas in the world.


Population: 66.990.000
Area: 643.800
Official Language: French
Currency: €uro
Drivers Lane: Right
When to go: all year


Domme – Beautiful town in Dordogne
French Vineyards Map

photo © Heribert Bechen (Verdon Gorges)