The fourth-largest island in the world and two small archipelagos, lands of baobabs and lemurs. 
The peculiarity of these lands is the own biodiversity: the autochthon’s wildlife can’t be found in other places on earth.
Madagascar tourist map

Population: 24.894.580 
Area: 587.041
Official Languages: French, Malagasy
Currency: Malagasy Ariary
Drivers Lane: Right
When to go: from April to October
Comoros interactive tourist map

Population: 850.690 
Area: 1.659
Official Languages: French, Comorian, Arabic 
Currency: Comorian Franc 
Drivers Lane: Right 
When to go: from May to October 
Mayotte interactive tourist map
Mayotte (France) 

Population: 270.372 
Area: 374 
Official Language: French 
Currency: €uro 
Drivers Lane: Right 
When to go: from April to October 
Madagascar, Comoros & Mayotte tourist map