Tourist map of SRI LANKA

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This small, captivating Island, also referred as to “the teardrop of India” has unique places absolutely worthy to be visited… Climb on the majestic Sigiriya Rock or The Adam’s Peak for unmissable views, take a ride on a tuk-tuk (sometimes faster than a public bus) or the scenic train through the hills where some of the world’s finest tea are cultivated and visit the ancient cities ruins; go for a safari to meet elephants and jaguars in the fascinating national parks or take a boat tour off the coast of Trincomalee at Swami Rock, the word’s best place for spotting the gigantic blue whale.

Population: 21.000.000 
Area: 65.610
Official Languages: Sinhala, Tamil
Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee
Drivers Lane: Left
When to go
South-West: from December to March
North-East: from April to October

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Tourist map of Sri Lanka
Tourist map of Sri Lanka


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