Dovrefjell Nat. Park, Norway

Musk Ox
photo © NTNU, Faculty of Natural Sciences / Flickr
The Dovrefjell National Park is the only area of Norway where you can see the majestic musk ox: a large mammal of the caprinae family, known for its thick coat that reaches almost the ground and the characteristic odor of musk.
During the period of love, rival male musk oxen fight to conquer females: they collide head to head at the speed of 60 km/h making a noise that you can hear in kilometers.
The guided tour starting from Oppdal, Knogsvoll, Furuhaugli and Hjerkinn, have a duration of 4-7 hours on a distance of about 10-13 km of enjoable and easy hiking.

Bear in mind that if the musk ox feels threatened, he might attack, therefore it is suggested to keep at least 200 metrs distace from them. If you are too close and you see them looking towards you and scrolling their head, you could be in real danger. 

The park ecosystem includes other animals like wild mountain reindeer, arctic foxes, golden eagle and gyrfalcon.